Proof 0f Insurance


Insurance Verification

As part of your loan obligation, you are required to maintain physical damage insurance for the full term of your loan. You may have received a letter from Dillon Credit Union requesting a current copy of your insurance or what is called a Declaration Page, showing Dillon Credit Union as the lien holder on your insurance policy. If you have not already responded or requested your agent to provide your Declaration Page, you may, submit it by mail, fax or online.

Submit Proof of Insurance Online

Please email your attachment of verification to or

Submit Proof of Insurance by Fax or Mail

Fax: 620-665-5791

Dillon Credit Union
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QWhy do I need to verify my insurance?

A:  As one of the conditions of granting your loan, you are required to maintain coverage protecting our interest until your loan is paid in full. You will find this requirement in your Loan Agreement. By providing your insurance agent our name and address as Loss Payee/Lien-holder/Lender, we will generally receive a copy of any change to your coverage.

If you received a letter from DCU, we have not received a copy of your policy/renewal/reinstatement from your insurance agent or company.  We are requesting your assistance in meeting this requirement.

If you have insurance with the required coverage, naming us as Loss Payee/Lien-holder/Lender, please contact your loan officer.

QWhat do I do if I don’t have insurance?

A: Since maintaining insurance coverage on your vehicle or real estate collateral is a condition of your loan, you should contact the insurance agency or company of your choice and purchase the appropriate coverage naming us as the Loss Payee/Lien-holder/Lender. For vehicles, Comprehensive and Collision coverage is required.

Q:  What happens if I don’t obtain insurance?

A:  We will do it for you.

If you do not obtain your own insurance, we will purchase insurance to protect our collateral. The insurance we purchase will be significantly more expensive than what you can buy yourself. The loan agreement you signed with DCU allows us (the lienholder) to add the premium for this insurance to your loan balance and increase your loan payment to cover the cost of the Force Placed Insurance.

The insurance DCU purchases will protect our interest in your collateral only. It will NOT provide the protection you would get when you buy your own insurance. The insurance DCU purchases does not provide liability coverage, which the state requires to maintain for vehicles. It ONLY protects the loan, NOT you.

If you have questions please contact your loan officer.

We strongly urge you to purchase your own insurance.