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3.352% APR

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2.59% APR


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0.70% APY


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0.10% APY


As High As

0.20% APY





Over the next 15 to 30 days Dillon Credit Union will be issuing new EMV Debit Cards to all current Debit Card Holders.


The EMV card will add an additional layer of protection when you use it at retail vendors who are EMV compliant.  Your Card Number and PIN Number will not change, however, the Expiration Date on your card will possibly change.  If you use your card to make purchases online and your card is not accepted please double check your expiration date and make sure it is the new date.


Once you have activated your new EMV card, your old card will not work.


                                                                 If you have questions, please call us at 620-669-8500.

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  • Automobiles


  • Personal Credit Line


  • Consumer Loans
  • Savings


  • Checking


  • Investment / IRAs


  • Money Markets
  • Purchase or Remodel


  • Variety of Loan Types


  • Loans up to 95%

We want to be YOUR financial institution.


dillon credit union logoWhen you choose a financial institution, you are making a decision that will impact you for years to come. There are many Hutchinson Banks and Hutchinson Credit Unions, but none that can provide you with more personal and friendly experience than what you will find at the Dillon Credit Union.



Need To Order Checks?


Don't Spoil the Fun of Getting a Tax Refund!


You are about to receive one of the most important tax tips you have ever read.  No need to write it down with pen and paper you will remember it.


Here it is:  Make absolutely sure you provide the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) with an accurate account and routing number when you file your taxes electronically.  This account and routing number must be the appropriate numbers for the financial institution you will be using or your refund may not go to the correct place!


It is surprising how often the account and routing information given to the IRS is incorrect.  The results can be devastating: transactions rejected, refunds delayed, hysteria on your part.  It is absolutely critical you supply the IRS with the correct banking information.


Tax season is in full swing, so take a few moments to verify both your account and routing numbers.  You may contact your banking institution if you have questions.





Got Data?


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If you have a data phone or tablet, whether it is an iPhone, iPad or Android device, you can download and use our convenient mobile banking application for free! Do your banking 24/7.  Check balances and make transfers or payments, no matter where you are!


Ready For A New Vehicle?


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Check out our NEW SPECIAL rates on new loans for you to replace your current vehicle.



If you haven't found the car you want yet ... check out this great resource for a great deal! Click the logo below ... and SAVE!

Safeguard Your Family!


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Protect your family from financial risks with Credit Disability and Credit Life insurance on all your loans.  These inexpensive policies will make the payments on your DCU loans should you be unable to pay due to illness, injury or death.


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